Jamie Jones and Kate Simko's new project is "where electronic meets symphony"

On November 27, London’s Barbican will be graced by the brainchild of classically trained composer, producer and DJ Kate Simko, and house producer and DJ Jamie Jones.

The project, Opus 1, is a 25-piece expansion of the London Electronic Orchestra and will be led by conductor Robert Ames. Alongside Jones and Simko, they will perform a full concert of original music including recomposed tracks by Jones, as well as the pair’s collaborations with the orchestra.

The duo have been working together intermittently since 2015 and have co-produced tracks with the likes of Katy B.

Speaking on the project, Simko said: “We are very happy to debut the show in London at the Barbican because, number one the sound is amazing in the hall and also there so much history. It’s really an honour. To me London Symphony Orchestra is one of the top orchestras in the world. So for us, to have this orchestra, in London, at the Barbican Center and also with the great sound, it was the top choice.”

Head here for more information and watch a video on the project below.

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