Janet Hubert Still Doesn't Like Will Smith; Blames Him For Son's Suicide Attempt

Janet Hubert, who was the first actress to play Aunt Viv on The Fresh Prince Bel Air, is coming after her former co-star Will Smith with some absurd allegations.

The 62-year-old posted an image on Facebook that has since been deleted, blaming Will for her son's suicide attempt. "Dear Will... you destroyed my life with your lies... YOU win my son is in the hospital. #suicideattempt. #F**KYOUWORLD!," she captioned the photo. 

Janet is seemingly still holding onto her longstanding anger towards Will after claiming he got her fired from The Fresh Prince after labeling her "hard to work with," which she said made it hard for her to book gigs later in her career.

Since the post, Janet deleted her entire Facebook prile but fans have taken to Twitter to sound f on Janet's serious claim. 

Will Smith as yet to respond to the matter.

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