Jay-Z Is Swae Lee’s "G.O.A.T" After Reaching Billionaire Status

There are a few stars that are closer to reaching the billion-dollar mark than Swae Lee but he thinks that he's next in line to hit that milestone. This week, Jay-Z became the first hip-hop artist to ever rack up over a billion dollars in assets. The community celebrated as it proves that there is more than enough opportunity to succeed financially in this industry. The day after Hov was crowned, Rihanna earned the honour of being named the wealthiest female musician in the world, clocking in an estimated net worth of $600 million. Swae Lee is impressed at their financial achievements and he's comfortable referring to Jay-Z as the "greatest of all time" now.

Jay-Z Is Swae Lee's "G.O.A.T" After Reaching Billionaire Status

Catching up to the Rae Sremmurd member this week, TMZ cameras asked for Swae's opinion on Hov's announcement. He confidently called Jay the "G.O.A.T" before saying that he's inspired to up his own money game. "It's me, I feel like I got so much time man," said Swae. "He just showed that it's possible. He set a great example for the younger generation coming up. We got plenty of time to do the same thing."

Who would you predict as the next billionaire rapper? Could somebody like Swae Lee take that title eventually?

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