Jay Z Sued For Allegedly Not Paying Business Partner “Reasonable Doubt” Royalties

It appears Jay Z is the latest victim a new lawsuit. According to TMZ, Hov had a deal with an old business partner, Raynar Herbert, on royalties for his debut album, Reasonable Doubt, but apparently the checks stopped coming in about ten years ago, and Mr. Herbert now wants his money.

Raynard Herbert claims he used his connections to help land Jay's Roc-A-Fella a distribution deal in 1995, which led to an agreement where he'd get 1% sales on the "Reasonable Doubt" album. While things were apparently going smoothly for the first 12 years, Herbert claims he stopped getting paid back in November 2008.

Herbert says he reached out to Jay-Z's people in May 2010 to inquire about his missing royalty checks, and also update his address, but still no luck. 

Herbert claims since then, he's not been paid his contractually promised 1% on "Reasonable Doubt” royalties. So as a result, he’s suing to get what he believes he's owed, plus damages, interest, and extra fees. Now whether he gets all that remains to be seen.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted on this developing story moving forward. 

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