Jay-Z’s Alleged Secret Son Accuses Him Of Avoiding Paternity Test For 8 Years

Will there ever be a day when Jay-Z and Beyonce can enjoy their family life without outsiders trying to weasel their way in? Probably not. As reported by The Sun, a young man is claiming that he is Jay-Z's son, and that HOV has been abusing the legal system for eight years to avoid taking a paternity test. 

24-year old Rymir Satterthwaite has been attempting to learn the truth ever since his mother told him that Jay was his father. Rymir's mother Wanda claims that she and Jay slept together in 1992 at his aunt’s apartment in Brooklyn. She says that they used protection, but it failed, and she had no way contacting Jay after he began gaining success in the hip-hop world. Wanda's boyfriend at the time, Robert Graves, was originally listed on the birth certificate but he was removed in 2011 after a DNA test proved he was not the father. 

Wanda’s godmother Lillie was given custody Rymir in 2010 when Wanda became ill. Lillie wholeheartedly believes that Jay is Rymir's father. “Wanda was only 16 when she allegedly met Shawn but she may have told him she was older. She fell pregnant but had no idea how to contact him," Lillie claims. 

“In the beginning when we first reached to Shawn’s team, we reached out in love, and we wrote a letter," she continued. “I got a call from his in-house lawyer and they were very helpful and we thought we would resolve this privately - they even talked about Rymir's music talent and whether it was a good time to put him on his record label but he had to finish high school so I said no. Suddenly different lawyers got involved and their attitude completely changed - I think they realized there was more at stake for Shawn given that Wanda was allegedly underage. We put in legal requests for both Shawn and Robert to take paternity tests in Philadelphia. Robert did his and was found not to be the father but Shawn's request was not processed due to procedural problems. Since then there has just been a whole bunch mistakes, oversights and collusion between our lawyers and Shawn’s lawyers - which is why we have to fight back. And we’re not giving up."

Rymir is an aspiring rapper who claims he wants neither money nor recognition from Jay. “It got pushed to the side and basically now I walk around and everybody’s looking at me and saying ‘he's chasing Jay-Z, he wants money, he’s trying to get his 15 minutes fame,'" he stated. “This never about money for me. My whole thing was just to see who my father was and honestly I get my own money. I work two jobs, I take care my own business."

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