Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez VMAs After-Party PDA: Grinding & Turning Up

Jennifer Lopez was high off her performance at MTV's VMAs. She was honored with the event's most coveted prize, the Vanguard Award. After killing her performance and giving a handful of acceptance speeches, Lopez was ready to live it up at the after-party.

Jlo started her career as a dancer, so her type of turn up is not so surprising. Still, her boo isn't always around when she's busting moves. The two created a sensational pair as they turned up together at the night's after-hours. They were filmed catching a grind, serving another variety of the relationship goals they consistently provide.

The Vanguard Award is a huge deal for most entertainers in the music industry. Jennifer Lopez described her obsession with her career and this type of accolade. Considering her drive and passion, The Vanguard Award performance seemed to be some kind of foreplay for Lopez and Rodriguez. The athlete watched his partner with pride. Many can relate to the emotion displayed on Arod's face as he watched his woman shake her tailfeather. Of course, he's perspective differs from the public since he actually has an intimate relationship with her after all. The facial expression of lustful awe is still relatable. 

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