Jennifer Lopez Has A Dance-Off On "The Tonight Show," Talks About Marriage

Jennifer Lopez has conquered the music industry with an indelible string hits that routinely garner sizeable sales/streaming figures whilst infiltrating the zeitgeist. However, a necessary supplementary aspect to her musical prowess has always been her dancing, an innate talent that compliments the grooves soundtracking her effortlessly rhythmic motions. 

Jimmy Fallon, the beloved host  The Tonight Show, took this talent into consideration when proposing he and his guest engage in a segment called the "Fast Dance-Off." Enlisting the help Roots member Questlove, the challenge involved the two media personalities shimmying and shaking to a consciously curated selection 1970s slow jams that are inherently "undanceable." Fallon and Lopez put their best foot forward, evoking a chorus cheers and laughter from the audience; peep the clip below: 

During the interview portion her appearance, the "Ain't Your Mama" singer waxed contextual about her latest single "El Anillo," which translates in English to "The Ring." Fallon probed his guest about the song's meaning, with Lopez admitting that it definitely emphasizes a woman's desire to get engaged to the man she's madly in love with. While she doesn't explicitly mention that she is expecting a ring from current beau Alex Rodriguez, Lopez does admit that she knows a man is the one "fairly quickly." 

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