Jennifer Lopez’s Reaction To Katy Perry’s Met Gala Burger Costume Is Everything

There were strict rules at last night's invite-only Met Gala. You mustn't take any selfies, smoke, or be an introvert. Anna Wintour plans the party each year for people to mingle amongst themselves. If you're lucky enough to be one of the celebrities in attendance, you get a front-row seat to all the wacky and thought-out costumes that A-listers devise on an annual basis. This year, Lady Gaga practiced four different wardrobe changes on the red carpet while Jared Leto walked through the event with a replica of his own head in his hands. Katy Perry was another major talking point and surprisingly enough, it wasn't even for her chandelier costume.

Jennifer Lopez's Reaction To Katy Perry's Met Gala Burger Costume Is Everything
Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

When she stepped inside the party, the pop star went through with her first costume change, transforming from a light fixture to a hamburger in seconds. Before meeting with Celine Dion, who gave her a smooch on the lips, Perry came across Jennifer Lopez in the bathroom, who seemed to not even care about what Katy was donning.

Jennifer Lopez's Reaction To Katy Perry's Met Gala Burger Costume Is Everything
Karwai Tang/Getty Images

In a video captured by a member of Katy's team, who was breaking the strict no-cellphone rule, the "I Kissed A Girl" singer could be seen changing into her wild burger outfit in the bathroom before J Lo walked out and greeted the woman behind the camera. She didn't even do a double take when she walked by Perry in a hamburger costume though, which much have taken a lot of will power, and kept going throughout her day. Take a look below.


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