Jermaine Jackson Blasts Quincy Jones For Removing MJ’s Music From Show

The controversy surrounding Michael Jackson has created a divide among his fans and friends from the music industry. Many argue that the two men in Leaving Neverland, James Safechuck and Wade Robson, lied during the docuseries but still, the age-long allegations against the singer have made some of his closest collaborators distance themselves from his name. Quincy Jones recently removed all references to Michael Jackson's music for his upcoming shows in London but Jermaine Jackson believes the legendary producer is feeling the public's pressure.

Jermaine Jackson Blasts Quincy Jones For Removing MJ's Music From Show
 Ann Cusack-Pool/Getty Images

Quincy Jones shows in London were billed as a live performance including three of Michael Jackson's most legendary albums that he had a big hand in creating, Off The Wall, Thriller, and Bad. Now, it's simply billed as a "soundtrack of the 80s" but Jermaine Jackson thinks Quincy is out of pocket for this move.

"Quincy, you had Michael made history around the world. Do not change history. Keep it what it's always been and what it represents: excellence at the highest level," he said. "That's what you and my brother achieved. Don't let anybody put in your head to change anything," he continued. "My brother's innocent on all charges, always."

Quincy didn't necessarily confirm that the change was due to the controversy but with the amount of media attention in the U.K. on Leaving Neverland, Jermaine feels like it played a role in scrubbing Michael's name. 

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