Jhene Aiko Shares Large Bouquet Of Flowers From Big Sean

Big Sean decided to surprise his mom in Detroit this weekend, but he made sure Jhene Aiko was not forgotten while he was away. Jhene shared a photo an elaborate bouquet flowers on Instagram, thanking Big Sean for the kind gesture. She didn't specify exactly how Sean gave her the flowers, but seeing that he was in another city for the weekend, chances are, he had them delivered as a surprise. 

Jhene Aiko Shares Large Bouquet Of Flowers From Big Sean

The public display romance follows yet another report that the happy couple had broken up earlier this month. It started with fans noticing that the two no longer followed one another on social media, before a few posts were picked apart as hints that the two were on the rocks. IT wasn't long before Jhene stepped into the Shade Room to clear things up. Ever since, it seems the two are still happy as ever.

In April, we compiled a gallery some the couple's best moments on Instagram. Take a look at it here.

In other Sean news, he's been working on some new music lately. After getting together with Chance The Rapper, Sean shared another studio pic at the top the month with a thoughtful message. "Time is the currency earth, you give time for money, for happiness, for everything you have," he wrote. "You either traded time for everything you have, or you’ve been unwilling to trade time for what u don’t have. What do you put your time into?!"

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