Jim Carrey Shares Drawing Of Donald Trump's Grave Getting Peed On

Early Thursday morning, Jim Carrey shared an image he drew the beloved cartoon character Calvin, from Calvin & Hobbes, engaging in some particularly juvenile and defamatory behaviour. 

The illustration depicts Calvin urinating on Donald Trump's grave, with a caption that reads "Oh how I urine for this all to be over!" regarding his current presidency. The gravestone comes inscribed with "Here lies No. 45. Went to hell and took the GOP with him." Carrey decided to leave out Trump's actual name from the composition, but instead, refers to him by his title as the 45th President the United States. 

An image someone urinating is typically used in sports iconography when a rival team is portrayed on the receiving end. 

Carrey has been an outspoken critic the GOP, routinely sharing similar imagery that denounces the Trump administration. In the past, the comedian has depicted the current Commander in Chief as the Wicked Witch the West, whilst also posting an unflattering portrait Sarah Huckabee Sanders. In response to criticism aimed squarely at his images, Carrey admits that "I am so gratified by the reaction to my little drawings. It is the job a political cartoon to vex those who abuse power or enable those abuses. This administration has been lying to the American people from day one while plundering the country and debasing our values. And those who cover for this shameful mobster a president are putting makeup on a melanoma and telling the cancer patient that everything's fine. Monstrous? You bet!"

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