Jim Jones Was Crucial In Solidifying Cam’ron & Jay-Z’s Reunion

Last Friday, Elliot Wilson shared a preview from Jim Jones' upcoming interview on Rap Radar, where the El Capo rapper opened up about a recent historical moment in the game. Of course, said moment being the moment he, Cam'Ron, and Jay-Z linked up onstage to bury the hatchet once and for all, performing a spirited rendition of their "Welcome To New York" collaboration. Given the deep-running ties between Jay and Cam, not all of it positive, the move made for one of 2019's biggest storylines - at least, for those interested in hip-hop history. Yet, by Jones' own admission, it might not have happened at all.

Today, Jim Jones' full episode of Rap Radar has been released, and in it comes a continuation of his pre-concert account. While the early preview painted a picture of Cam's initial willingness, as Jones explains, Cam found himself feeling slightly different as showtime approached. "Cam told em, 'I'm not coming on unless Jim come out," reflects Jones. "I don't know what's going on, but Jim got to come out. They was like, 'Yeah, we going to bring Jim out during [Diplomats single] 'I Really Mean It.' I was like, 'Cam, you ain't really have to do that,' and he was like, 'Naaaaaaah, bro. I ain't going on stage without you. You know how this go.'"

Clearly, the Dipset loyalty runs deep. Case in point, Jim's response to Elliott's question of whether he might have preferred playing a solo cut of his choosing. "Nah, it's Cam's moment," explains Jim. "I wasn't worried about Cam at that point. Cam moment is a Jim moment. Don't nothing change when we together." As for Jim's take on the evening, he explains the whole process exceeded expectations in a big way. "It was beautiful," he says. "It was a beautiful night." Reunion talk kicks off around the twenty-minute mark, but there's plenty of Jim Jones wisdom to stick around for. Go stream that El Capo joint immediately.

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