Jimmy Kimmel Translates YG’s “Go Loko” Lyrics For The Older Generation Who Can’t Understand

YG dropped off a bumpin' track recently featuring the likes of Tyga and Jon Z dubbed "Go Loko." The visuals for the beat made the track even better since the trio were seen kicking it with majestic horses and beautiful women for a colorful visual to the song. The track comes off YG's forthcoming album, 4REAL 4REAL, which means the rapper is doing some press moves, bring him to Jimmy Kimmel Live

The recent visit saw YG spitting some of his best lyrics for the studio audience while Jimmy tried his best to translate for the older audience that maybe didn't understand the slang. "YG has a new single called 'Go Loko.' It’s a beautiful song about life, love, and relationships. However, if you’re of an older generation, it might be hard to follow," the description for the clip reads. "So as a service to our slang-challenged viewers, Jimmy & YG are here to help translate..."

Jimmy thinks that the lyric "my bitch go loko" means someone's lady friend has mental issues "she's working through." As for the lyric "Slide on a bitch with the .44," Jimmy was sure it means that someone's woman will "take up arms" against her man's enemies. 

Watch the full video below where Jimmy continues his best attempts at translating the lyrics. 

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