Joe Bermudez is a Producer You Should Know About

DJ/producer Joe Bermudez isn’t one for the spotlight. Although he’s shared the stage with large acts like Madonna, Selena Gomez, and Dillon Francis, he’s kept it relatively low-key. The Boston-based musician has had his fair share of success though, with two of his singles, “Sunrise” and “Ghosting”, reaching #1 on the Billboard Dance Charts.

Now, Joe Bermudez has returned with not one, but two remix packs for his latest single “Crazy Enough”. First releasing in late 2017, “Crazy Enough” is a softer, more chill track than we would typically expect from Bermudez. The watery guitar paired with the smooth bassline provides a most-relaxing backbone for the track to coast on, providing an almost pop-like quality to the track.

While the main single may be more subdued, Bermudez enlists fellow EDM producers to provide their take on Louise Carver’s vocals. Instead of other iterations of mellow pop tunes, these producers provide “Crazy Enough” with an energy that’s very danceable, creating house bangers perfect for the club scene. This variety is truly impressive, showing that Bermudez knows who to choose to get the most out of his tracks.

Check the following remix out below to hear the how crazy “Crazy Enough” can get.

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