Joe Ghost's Music Video For "Let It Go" Proves No One Can Resist It

Rather than create a story or hire some CGI person to do custom animation for the music video to his latest song, Joe Ghost went the grassroots approach. In creating the video for “Let It Go” with Mermaids Exist, Joe Ghost went to the people and recorded their reactions.

If you haven’t heard the song before, then you’re probably looking a lot like the people in the video. Bobbing your head, maybe a smile on your face, shoulders swaying, feet tapping… on a personal level, we’re feeling like the long-haired dude in the studio at 1:05 when the drop hits, or the grocer casually fist pumping at 1:11.

Director Elliott Muscat was lucky enough to find a wide assortment individuals to film for the project, and it ends up a pretty solid case study for the track.

Check out the ficial music video for “Let It Go” below!

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