Joey Bada$$ Opens Up About Fatherhood: "It's A Life-Changer"

Joey Bada$$ has been working relentlessly over the past few years. Since coming into the game a few years back, he's dominated hip hop has one the most promising young voices. Even since he was a teen, many people saw the maturity that came from him. Despite being a globally recognized rapper, he's managed to keep a low prile in the public eye and keep his personal life as private as possible. In a recent interview, the rapper opened up about being a father for the first time.

Joey Bada$$ recently linked up with Peter Rosenberg for Complex's Open Late show and revealed that he's a father a two-month old daughter, Indigo Rain. The rapper opened up about being a father for the first time and how it changed his life.

"It's amazing, bro," he told Rosenberg. "It's a life-changer for sure. To just like see this little human that you participated in, you co-created with someone, to see, like, you. She's like my little twin. It's honestly the most heartwarming thing that's ever happened to me and it happens literally every time I look in her eyes. It's a great feeling, bro. I love it."

The name his daughter falls in line with Joey's spiritual side that he expresses in his music. He says that it's due to the fact that "she got some hippie parents."

You could check out the full episode below where Joey talks about fatherhood, 1999 and more.

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