John Cena Tweets Possible Hint At Reunion With Nikki Bella

Romances between celebrities can sometimes be dramatic, but the relationship and then break up John Cena and Nikki Bella seemed particularly tragic. After six years being in a relationship, the couple split just days before they were set to be married. A lot information has come out since then about the troubles the two them had, the main one being that John didn't want children while Nikki did.

Since then John had been on a mission to get back the love his life, including walking back his unwillingness to have children. However, it seems that Nikki has thus far been unmoved by John's attempts to win her affections again. 

However, yesterday morning John tweeted something that could be an indication that their relationship has started to make some progress. "Let’s stop messing around, and start messing around," wrote John. 

In all honestly, this is so vague that it could be taken hundreds different ways, but the highest possibility is likely a message to Nikki. If it is directed at her, then it could either be a goy attempt to win her back, or an indication that they're already reunited. 

No word from Nikki about this isn't a great sign for John, especially considering all we've heard from her so far is that she believes that they could both benefit from some time apart. Hopefully the two them manage to find happiness, whether it's together or apart. Check out John Cena's mysterious tweet below. 

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