John Dahlbäck Drops A Fresh New Single "Find A Home"

John Dahlbäck Drops A Fresh New Single "Find A Home"

John Dahlbäck – Find A Home

While people across the globe are coming up with New Year’s resolutions and ways in which to abide by them without fsetting themselves too much, John Dahlbäck has been hard a work in the studio producing and creating his new approach to dance music. “New Year, New Sound”. With 2018 finally here, the Swedish DJ and producer sees that it is the ideal time to unleash the first many masterpieces his fans have been anticipation for so long- “Find A Home“.

While the Club Mix still features John Dahlbäck’s signature stomping sound, the original “Find A Home” dives into country-style vocals, shimmering staccato string melodies and soaring synths instead. All these elements combined together make a sound that’s easy on the ear, radio-friendly and able to stand out in today’s large jumble electronic music. With a vibe that’s highly infectious, the original version “Find A Home” shows that Dahlbäck’s new found sound is about to set the EDM scene on fire.

In a recent press release the Swedish DJ and Producer stated:

We can’t wait to hear all the incredible music that John Dahlbäck has in store for this new year, and see all this incredible success that “Find A Home” will bring.

John Dahlbäck – Find A Home |

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