Jordan Brand MLB Stars Will Don "Mother's Day" Floral Cleats

In what has become an annual consumerist tradition, the Jordan Brand will unveil special "Mother's Day" cleats for its MLB endorsed roster. Baseball players such as Manny Machado, Dexter Fowler and Dellin Betances will don a custom floral print design on their usual Air Jordan 9 baseball cleats. The color pink will outline the trim and with green appearing on the tongue the sneaker. Each player's cleat will come outfitted with special embroideries and inscription their choosing.

The Air Jordan 9 Pinnacle is part Michael Jordan's multisport vision. Back in 1994 Jordan famously traded in his patented leather shoes for a stint chasing ground balls. Even though he failed to leave an impression in Baseball, his love for the game remains a point interest, and his Mother the foundation for his success.

The league itself also got in on the fun, posting a series "in-game interviews" with Major Leaguer's moms. The campaign gives fans the game added insight into the development their favorite players, should they choose to pursue a career themselves. OF course if you're reading this it might be too late to embark on prospective career in the MLB if you haven't already begun training. The interviews are available here. 

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