Joyner Lucas Flexes His Impressive List Of Accomplishments

Sometimes, a person has to be their own number one fan, because who else will? Though society tends to frown upon overconfidence (they tend to frown at many things, come to think of it), Joyner Lucas took a moment to share some of his recent milestones and accomplishments, giving himself a little pat on the back for his substantial efforts. 

As he prefaces it, said accomplishments are all the more impressive given his relatively small and "album free" discography. "I accomplished a lot for a n***a wit no album out & 2 mixtapes," he begins, before elaborating in detail. "I’m talking in a sense of fanbase, features wit legends, nominations, packed out shows, Youtube views & streaming, major looks and co-signs, controversy, etc. not bad for a n***a wit no album out and 2 mixtapes."

To be fair, the man is speaking nothing but facts. Since entering the game, he's found himself earning Grammy Nominations, features with Eminem and Tech N9ne, immense YouTube numbers, a fun and spirited feud with Tory Lanez, and a loyal fanbase that will likely expand once ADHD eventually lands. Not bad, Joyner Lucas. Not bad. 

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