Joyner Lucas Rips Peter Rosenberg Again For Texting During Their Interview

Late last year, Joyner Lucas called out Peter Rosenberg for texting on the job. During a video interview in December, Joyner went out of his way to give HOT 97 his time and when he arrived, he realized that one of the hosts didn't quite care that he was there. According to Joyner, Peter Rosenberg was glued to his phone for much of the sit-down chat, checking it over ten times. The radio host doesn't agree with that though. According to Rosenberg, he only checked his cell once to find the exact date for when one of the rapper's projects was released. The Massachusetts-bred emcee called him out back then and he's still trying to shut him up because Joyner just went at Rosenberg again.

After his exchange with Tomi Lahren this week, Peter Rosenberg brought up his own personal issues with Joyner Lucas on his show. The artist reposted a video of the host speaking about him and tweeted, "Stop it bro. Do me a favor & find the original footage of interview & keep the cam on you the whole time @rosenburgtelevision. U was on phone at least 10X texting while I was talking. So Yea I felt disrespected. Release same interview but keep cam on u the whole time. Bet u won’t."

He then went on to point out that in 2019, he and other rappers don't even need to do radio interviews because they'll strive regardless. "I woke up early AF to go to your station to give a solid interview as you sit and text more than a handful of times right in my face @Rosenbergradio," he wrote. "How u mad at me Becuz I felt disrespected at the lack of respect you showed me? 🛑 treating artists like we need u n***az in 2019."

Rosenberg has not yet responded to Joyner's tweets. With ADHD on the way, read our new feature on where Joyner may go from here.

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