Juelz Santana Pens Letter To Judge Requesting End To House Arrest

It's not a good time to be Juelz Sanatana. After being arrested for allegedly bringing a firearm to the Newark Liberty International Airport back in March, the Dipset rapper has been trapped under house arrest, unable to perform shows or see his family. 

This has caused a lot problems for the rapper, and Juelz has recently made another claim to try and be freed from his travel restrictions. In a letter sent to judge presiding over his case, obtained by Bossip, Juelz asks to be allowed to join the upcoming Dipset tour, as well as being able to move back in with the rest his family. 

No word yet on whether the judge will accept Juelz's request, but there are obstacles in the way. For one, the authorities are going to be hesitant allowing Juelz to move back in with his baby mama and his kids, due to a previous reported incident domestic violence between them. However, Juelz appears to be visiting couple's therapy, and their therapist has said there's a very low chance another incident happening again. 

He also claims that since he's unable to tour, and him being the main breadwinner in the family, means that he's not able to provide for his children. It's been reported that he's facing a $540k foreclosure on his home, and it's at risk being taken away from him. 

Juelz has previously plead "not guilty" to the gun charges, and could possibly face up to 20 years in prison.

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