Justice Discusses Their Ever-Evolving Iconic Logo

Justice Discusses Their Ever-Evolving Iconic LogoJustice, the French duo consisting Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay, is one electronic music’s most legendary acts. Their unique and funky sound has shined for generations music lovers. However, the duo is also famous for one other thing. Their logo, which is a version the holy cross, has evolved in style across their three albums.

Justice’s first album, Cross, features a yellow cross against a black backdrop. Their next album, Audio, Video, Disco, ventures into a more creative cross, incorporated in a nature themed background. Lastly, Woman, the duo’s most recent album, features a cross as part a funky painting. Xavier recently sat down with Stoney Roads and discussed the inspiration behind the logo:

Check out their full interview and read up on our their most recent album.

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