Justice tease release of first studio album in 5 years

After a five-year wait, fans of Justice might finally be getting new material. With their last studio album “Woman” coming in 2016, many in the electronic music community wondered when the next full-length project would surface. Since 2016 the French duo has only released a remix album, but the time for waiting seems to be coming to an end.

While discussing his new solo album, Gaspard Augé (member of Justice) told the Spanish outlet Binaural that a new Justice album is currently in preparation.

“I will release a second solo album at some point, and I already announce to you that we are also in the process of making a new album for Justice.”

Justice is seen as one of the most influential dance acts of all time. Their iconic first album “Cross” was released in 2007, charting as high as 11 in France, and featured one of their most successful singles, “D.A.N.C.E.” This upcoming album would be the 4th in the Justice discography. There is no official release scheduled for the project and Augé also told Binaural that “[They] hope to be able to give some news soon.”

Regardless, Justice has confirmed that there is a new album on the way. And that information will be gladly accepted by fans. We might not know when the project will see the light of day or how it might sound. But we do know that when it is eventually released, it will be worth the wait.

Listen to Gaspard Augé’s new album “Escapade” below.

Image Credit: Paul Heartfield/ Paul Heartfield.Photography

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