Justin Bieber Expresses Platonic Man-Love For Post Malone

For Justin Bieber, the man crush was so strong it transcended the limitations "Man Crush Mondays." Known as a social media trend for those confident in their sexuality, "MCM" is a time for men and women alike to express their appreciation and admiration for the fellas out there. In any event, Bugatti Biebs has taken to IG to show some man-love to one the game's most endearing "bros."

With an endearing expression and Bud Light for two, Post Malone is certainly an interesting specimen to behold. Granted, this picture evokes a pre-Rockstar era, yet the love for all things BL has clearly withstood the test time. For whatever reason, Justin Bieber has dubbed Post a kindred spirit; it's not exactly a far cry to imagine the pair them once again collaborating on various musical endeavors. In fact, the pair previously linked up on "Deja Vu," f Posty's formative Stoney album. 

So there you have it. A fluff piece to be sure, but there's something to be said about the Biebs' admiration for Posty. In fact, this isn't the first time JB has showered Post with praise. Refer back to a Post Coachella hangout, where Bieber proudly proclaimed "Love you Posty would do anything for you." 

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