Justin Bieber Warns Fans About False "Glamorous Lifestyle" After Met Gala

Growing up, many have dreams to become famous. Creative minds yearn for the opportunity to hear their songs played on the radio or see their art in a gallery as they celebrate each passing year as a child. While the glamours celebrity life may seem enticing to some, especially after having seen the classy get-ups at the Met Gala this year, it may not be all that it appears to be. Justin Bieber appreciates the simpler things in life, spending time with his family and remaining relatively low-key in terms public appearances these days. While he once enjoyed a wilder side life, he seems to have toned things down and is advocating for people to make the most their realities.

After the Met Gala, many social media users played judge on the outfits being presented and while some voiced their envy, the Biebs is ensuring that life as a famous person is not as positive as it is presented. The pop star shared a note, saying, "HEY WORLD THAT GLAMOROUS LIFESTYLE YOU SEE PORTRAYED BY FAMOUS PEOPLE ON INSTAGRAM DON'T BE FOOLED THINKING THEIR LIFE IS BETTER THAN YOURS I CAN PROMISE YOU IT'S NOT!" While the statement reads as a very long-winded thought with little punctuation, Bieber was noticeably absent from the Gala, likely a choice given his post. 

Offering some wisdom for his fans, it's unclear if the star is speaking from personal experience or not but, given the drama he has been involved in over the years, it is entirely possible.

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