Justin Caruso Remixes The Video Game Fortnite's Main Menu Music & It BANGS

Holy Cow, do we have one super unique remix for you! If you are a gamer, or play video games in any capacity in 2018 then you have heard , or are currently addicted to the game Fortnite. Fortnite is one the most popular video games out right now, if not the most popular game on any console or PC, and it was only a time until someone took their boring menu music and flipped it.

Justin Caruso, a trap DJ known for his banging remixes which have been played all over the globe and featured on Trap Nations YouTube channel, has released his remix to the menu music. Using the original music as a build up, Caruso then adds some bass and some banging trap horns to spice the music up and get that head bobbin'.

Check out the remix below and add me on PS4 (KingNickTheFirst) if you are a Fortnite player!


Photo Credit : Justin Caruso Twitter

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