Kaivon and Pauline Herr Drop The Captivating New Single – 'First Love'

Kaivon and Pauline Herr have just released a beautiful new single called ‘First Love'. Kaivon an alumni the famed Icon Production School is California got together with Pauline who is currently studying there and the rest was magic. If you haven't heard Kaivon that will soon change as the new artist has already been supported by the likes Bassnectar and Slander. This fantastic collaboration starts f with a slow build which highlights Pauline's gorgeous vocals as synths swell beneath her voice.

Soon though the track gives way to a captivating future bass drop full trap elements as well as pitched and chopped vocals. While many claim the future bass sound is in danger becoming stale, we are thrilled to hear up and coming artists continue to produce brilliantly original tunes in the paradigm. Overall ‘First Love' might just be the perfect name, as if you are unfamiliar with Kaivon or Pauline Herr, chances are this tune has opened up a whole new world music to explore. Check it out below.

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