Kali Uchis Is Being Sued By Her Former Manager For Unpaid Debts & Damages

Kali Uchis is being sued by her former manager, Clair Bogle, for failing to pay her her dues. The Colombian-American songstress only just recently appeared as a feature on Mac Miller’s first posthumous track “Time” with the Free Nationals, and now, news sees that she allegedly owes her former manager 20% of the roughly $1.5 million earned during their time together, The Blast reports.

According to court documents obtained by the site, Bogle says that she helped Uchis earn $1,500,000 in gross revenue during her employment, but that Uchis “fabricated excuses to delay or not pay” her, going to great lengths to “misrepresent her receipt of gross income” in an effort to pay Bogle less than she is allegedly owed. Bogle claims she and Uchis entered into a deal on November 1, 2016 for Bogle to be her exclusive manager, saying the deal called for her to receive twenty percent of Uchis’ gross earnings for her managerial services. Bogle says that she would repeatedly ask for her commissions, and complained about the frequent delays in payment; until she finally demanded payment after the amount reached $250,000. She went on to say that, not only did she not receive the amount, but she was also fired without cause in October 2017. As a result, Bogle is now suing Uchis, and seeking $250,000 in damages.

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