Kanye West Accused Of Abandoning Non-Profit, Saying "F*ck The Youth Of Chicago"

Throughout his career, Kanye West has always placed his hometown Chicago at the forefront his music. Even now, as he's slipped into his most controversial phase yet, he's still considering the kids growing up in the city, and trying to do what he thinks makes sense to help them, even if it doesn't in reality.

According to Chicago rapper and politician, Rhymefest, this is not only not the case, but Kanye has actually expressed his contempt for the kids in his hometown. In a bizarre continuation the Drake and Pusha T beef from last night, Rhymefest has reached out to Drake on Twitter, asking him to consider donating the 100K he invoiced from G.O.O.D. Music to go to his Donda's House charity, and claiming that Kanye told him "Fuck the youth Chicago" when asked for money to help convert his mother's old home into a recording studio.

The Donda's House charity was started in 2011, when Rhymefest worked with Kanye to start the non-prit in order to help foster artistic talent and opportunities for Chicago youth. While Kanye helped with legal fees and securing donations initially, the non-prit's website no longer lists Kanye on the board directors, and claims that he has completely refused to donate any more to the organization. In their statement on their website, they ask for people not to discount the work their doing, just because Kanye's controversial statements.

Rhymefest hasn't provided any actual pro that Kanye said the things that he claims he did, but Kanye is seemingly capable saying anything nowadays. That being said, Kanye has already announced his plans to try and improve conditions in his hometown, so it's still unclear as to who is telling the truth.

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