Kanye West Accused Of Stealing From Former Nike Designer

Former Nike designer, and current Givenchy design director, Tony Spackman has called out Kanye West for stealing his designs.

In one Kanye's many recent tweets, he shared a photo some sketches along with a caption that read, "This is where a Yeezy study for base layer starts. I'm so excited about our new design team."

However, Spackman has since taken to his instagram story to show that 'Ye's sketches are actually replicas something he designed over a decade ago. "When Kanye rips your 10 year old sketch and claims it," Spackman wrote, later clarifying that the sketch was actually 13 years old.

In his post, Spackman also provided a side by side screenshot a fall 2005 Nike "living apparel" concept from his own Cargo Collective site as well as Kanye's tweet, which appears to use an identical image. 

The only difference is, in Kanye's tweet the "living apparel fall '05" label in the upper right corner has been removed. Check out the comparison in the IG post below.

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