Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Are All Smiles After Getting BBQ In Wyoming

In today's extremely important Kanye West update, he and Kim Kardashian we both seen exiting a Wyoming BBQ joint yesterday, and Kanye has never looked happier. 

TMZ caught the couple as they were leaving the restaurant, with Kim trading in her golden Meta Gala dress for a much more weather appropriate long coat and hoodie. The two apparently took some time to chat up some local fans, who look like the most Wyoming people possible, outside the restaurant and Kim took some pictures her own, which may find their way to Instagram one day.

Those days when Kanye was back in California and tweeting about Donald Trump and making comments about slavery on TMZ were taxing on everyone, so it's good to be able to unwind with some good old country barbecue. Kanye is, course, in Wyoming in order to finish working on 5 upcoming albums for himself and other G.O.O.D. music artists, including Pusha T, who's next album is set to drop on May 25th. 

Wyoming is much more peaceful than California, so maybe Kim and Kanye should consider a full time move. Though it might be difficult to adjust to country living when you're already a couple massive superstars. It's difficult to picture someone like Kim Kardashian riding in a Ford F-150.

No word so far on what the couple ordered at the restaurant, but we'll be sure to update you with any details. Click the link above to check out the gallery Kim and Kanye's recent restaurant excursion. 

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