Kanye West Makes An Official Return To Instagram

Kanye West appears to have a love/hate relationship with Instagram. Back in February, he made his triumphant return to the social media platform, spamming our timelines with photos of power couples on Valentine's Day. While we were glad to see him back on IG, it got annoying pretty quickly as there did not appear to be an end in sight. Eventually, Ye quietly disappeared from the medium again, leaving us to wonder if he would ever return. Last week, his profile was reinstated with all prior posts archived or deleted and today, he made his second return this year. Thankfully, he only posted three images.

The star's 2.9 million followers were happy to see Ye back on their pages as he uploaded three photos in succession. The first shows a drawing that he presumably made of Matt George, the former COO of Yeezy and current founder of Unitedfront. While his name may not necessarily ring a bell, he's been extremely influential as the mind behind retail spaces like Nomad and Stüssy in Toronto, as well as being a creative consultant to Kanye. The next photo shows a drawing of a mountain, writing beneath the hills, "Buildings inside the hills in Columbia." Perhaps the artist meant to write "Colombia" as the landscape of Columbia University is quite different. The final image shows what appears to be the mountains that Ye is referring to.

While the content is certainly a little confusing without captions, Ye has a tendency of blurting out his thoughts on the regular. This time, he simply drew them out. Welcome back, Kanye!

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