Kanye West More Popular Among White People, According To New Poll

The numbers are in concerning Kanye West's favorability among the populace, and it appears that one group finds itself more fond Kanye than any other.

According to The Hill, a new CNN/SSRS poll has found that Kanye's favorable ratings among white people are noticeably higher than people who identify as non-white. According to the poll, 24% white people approve Kanye, while only 20% non-whites feel the same.

Kanye recently garnered a ton controversy recently, as his outspoken support Donald Trump and his bizarre comments about slavery sounding like a choice drew him a lot ire from the rap community, as well as many his black fans.

Of course, overall Kanye's favorable ratings are generally in the toilet, as 53% respondents said they had an unfavorable view Kanye, versus 23% approving. That number is much, much higher among Trump supporters, however, who seem to have found a kindred soul in Kanye, responding with a 40% approval rating, compared against 9% approval people who dislike Trump.

Despite this, only 39% respondents believe that Kanye actually means what he says, while 53% think he's simply causing controversy in order to promote his upcoming albums.

It seems that the only winner from this debacle is Donald Trump himself, as a recent poll found that Kanye's support him doubled his favorable numbers among black men.

There's no word in the study about Kanye's ratings before he made these comments, but it's unlikely that he's done himself many favors since then.

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