Kanye West Says He’s Banned From Talking About Drake Or His Family

When we found out that Kanye West would be speaking to David Letterman as part of his Netflix interview special, we were all pretty excited. The legendary artist always comes through with some gems and it's truly fascinating to learn more about Kanye every time he opens up about his life. With his appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast all but cancelled, this is a one-up for West. He's set to speak about everything from Donald Trump, his feud with Drake, his family, and more on the show and in a new teaser, one tidbit seems to have gone overlooked in regards to Kanye and Drake.

Kanye West Says He's Banned From Talking About Drake Or His Family
Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

Sharing a new trailer for My Next Guest Needs No IntroductionThe Daily Beast focused more on Kanye West's quotes about Trump and liberals. Meanwhile, when he was talking about Drake, he suggested that he's actually banned from divulging too much information about his rival or his family members. As he spoke to Letterman, Ye reflected on his public beef with the Toronto rapper, referring to him as "an artist which I will not mention, because I’m not allowed to mention him or any of his family members." If you're not following, he's almost certainly speaking about Drizzy Drake but he'll confirm that in the next section anyway.

"Well, we had a little beef last year," said Kanye. "He has this line that I love that says, ‘I told my story and made history’ — like made his story and made history. That’s what we do, we tell our story and then people relate to that story."

While we'll have to wait until the full interview airs at the end of this month, that's enough to get us willing to watch the second it's loaded onto Netflix. Who's with me?


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