Kanye West Shares Amusing Lip-Read Video From "I Love It"

While Lil Pump and Kanye West's "I Love It" has been divisive to say the least; some cite overt misogyny as a detractor, while others admire its simple adherence to "turn-up" culture. To be fair, the former quality should be no surprise, given the song's intimate connection to the Pornhub awards. Still, it remains strange hearing Kanye West and Lil Pump boast about conquests and fetishes; like one's incognito mode back catalog, some things are simply not meant to be shared. In any case, this is the reality we live in, destined to watch grotesque block variants of Pump and Kanye for all eternity. For better or worse, the clip has proceeded to reach meme status. 

Yeezy himself seems highly amused about the video's comedic possibilities. In fact, he took to Instagram to share a "Bad Lip Reading" style video, perhaps orchestrated by the original curators of such clips; it's difficult to say, as Yeezy has conveniently forgotten to cite his sources. The clip itself may test your patience, or send you to the floor in fits of glee, depending on your preferred sense of comedy. Peep the madness below.

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