Kanye West Was Supposed To Be On Drake's "Nice For What," According To Ebro

Drake and Pusha T reignited their feud over the weekend after the release  Daytona. Pusha fired clear shots at Drake, Lil Wayne and Cash Money on "Infrared." Drizzy replied with "Duppy Freestyle" shortly after which not only dissed Pusha T but also Kanye West. It comes at a strange time because both Drake and Kanye were reportedly locked in 'Ye's Wyoming studio a few weeks back. However, Ebro recently chimed in on the conversation on his morning show and revealed that 'Ye and Drake may have been working on some major songs before the feud reignited.

Ebro, Laura Stylez and Peter Rosenberg broke down the history behind Drake and Pusha T beef. Ebro's had several conversations with Kanye West in the past few weeks and clearly has some information that isn't already known by the public. He explained that Drake and Kanye were working together in Wyoming. However, after Drizzy left, he was apparently looking for beats from other producers.

"I'm told when Drake] left Wyoming or whereever, he started calling around looking for beats." Ebro said, "He was callin' people lookin' for beats... Like yo, I need some records and people was like, in the producer world, like 'you just left Kanye.'"

Ebro continued to say there's a possibility the two them didn't "accomplish what they set out to accomplish" during the Wyoming studio session.

He later revealed that Kanye West was supposedly on Drake's hit single, "Nice For What."

"And yes, there's supposedly. Kanye was supposed to be on "Nice For What" or there's a version "Nice For What" with Kanye that we may never hear." He said.

Peep the full clip below. Ebro chats Kanye West and Drake's studio sessions around the 10:15 mark.

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