Kanye West’s Debut "Yandhi" Single Release Date Announced By Irv Gotti

There's one thing that Irv Gotti has wanted out of his career in the music industry: world domination. If he doesn't see a project that's able to shift the culture or change the world in any type of way, he's going to wait on it. The good news for Gotti is that even though his role has changed in the business over the course of the last few years, he's about to take over once again and it all starts on July 2.

Kanye West's Debut "Yandhi" Single Release Date Announced By Irv Gotti
Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

One of the most anticipated albums of the entire year is Kanye West's Yandhi. It was supposed to arrive in 2018 but after pushing it back a couple of times, the album is now without an official release date. Irv Gotti was a guest on The Breakfast Club with Ja Rule today and while he was chatting about his show Tales, he noted that he has a record with a "huge artist" that's pretty "controversial" and it will be premiering on his program. The track is produced by Irv Gotti and his partner 7. It didn't take too long for DJ Envy to figure out that he was referring to Kanye West. Irv Gotti didn't exactly shut him down either. 

So it looks like we might actually be getting Yandhi this year. What are you hoping for from the lead single?

Look out for the official announcement in the next few weeks and peep the video at the 39-minute mark below.


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