Kaskade Hints New MMW Sun Soaked Announcements Are On The Way

Last Summer Kaskade played out a day time party to a sold out crowd 13,000 on a beach in Southern California. The daytime event was known as Sun Soaked and involved an incredible curated line up artists and was a follow up to Kaskade's record breaking performance at the LA Convention Center.

Now since we are quite some time away from the Summer months fans were more curious about if Kaskade had any plans to throw his own Miami Music Week party. He responded with a few emojis that if we had to guess were hinting to the answer being, ‘Yes'. But a follow up reply to another tweet is what really caught our attention. A fan then followed up his emoji response by asking is Sun Soaked announcements were coming. This time Kaskade got less subtle. Whether this means Sun Soaked is coming to Miami or more west coast announcements are on the horizon. We are entirely excited to see what is next.

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