Kaskade releases Rocket League-inspired ‘Reset’ EP via Monstercat

The long-awaited release of Kaskade’s EP, ‘Reset’, is here! The Grammy-nominated producer has teamed up with Monstercat, one of the industry’s most influential independent record labels. Freshly released, alongside the final single of the EP, “Miles To Go,” featuring Ella Vos, this four-track EP by Kaskade consists of a series of high-octane songs, including Flip Reset with WILL K, “Solid Ground,” and “Closer.”

With Monstercat leading the charge in bridging music and gaming, Kaskade took the opportunity of further building his already dedicated fanbase with ones of the gaming world. This reflects throughout the EP, which was produced in partnership with the video game Rocket League. Undoubtedly, Kaskade’s poignant style is evident through each of the tracks. The EP showcases his anthemic, uplifting vocal tunes to his deep and hypnotic house records, accumulating over 15 million streams to date.

Partnerships of such nature can often be short-lived; however, Kaskade has become the first artist to align with an entire season of the game, with the producer himself emphasizing the significance of this partnership:

“Working with Rocket League as the first artist to conceptualize and create music for an entire season of their game was such an honor, and I also knew I couldn’t mess it up…gamers take their music and sonic landscapes very seriously. So while I felt a little pressure, it was mostly just an amazing time to pull together songs that could really go along with the various moods that we go through while immersed in a game like Rocket League. They’re finally all getting a release together on the ‘Reset’ EP which will include my final song, “Miles to Go” with Ella Vos, so the entire experience can be found in one place.”

The EP is released through Monstercat’s recent acquisition, Silk Music. Stream the full EP down below!

Image Credit: Kaskade Press

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