Kate Bush earns first number one album on Billboard after ‘Stranger Things’ feature

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Kate Bush has just earned her first-ever Billboard number one album ranking with ‘Hounds of Love,’ 37 years after its release as “Running Up That Hill” made an appearance on Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things.’ “‘[Running Up That Hill]’ is being given a whole new lease of life by the young fans who love the show – I love it too!,” says Bush.

The power of pop culture and, more specifically, film and TV is a tremendous entity. It can make an impact on a generation that lasts for years. And at the moment, there is arguably no bigger pop culture impact than the one that comes from the hit TV show, Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things.’ The series that is currently in the midst of its fourth season is breaking all kinds of records. But even with all its achievements, ‘Stranger Things’ is actually creating more milestones than just those directly about the show. One singer in particular, Kate Bush.

With its well-known 80s aesthetic, ‘Stranger Things’ relishes in the past from outfits to music. For anybody who has seen the season four episodes currently streaming on Netflix, you probably remember the Kate Bush single, “Running Up That Hill.” Well, the song not only regained success itself, but it has now given new life to an album almost 40 years after its release. ‘Hounds of Love’ (released in 1985) has just claimed the number one spot on Billboard’s Alternative chart. It has seen a 2000% increase in demand since the release of ‘Stranger Things 4.’

“When they approached us to use ‘Running Up That Hill’, you could tell that a lot of care had gone into how it was used in the context of the story and I really liked the fact that the song was a positive totem for the character, Max. I’m really impressed by this latest series.” – Kate Bush

‘Hounds of Love’ is Bush’s best-selling album and has received double-platinum certification in the UK along with earning her three Brit Award nominations for Best British Album, Best British Female and Best British Single for “Running Up That Hill.”

Listen to Kate Bush’s iconic 80s hit “Running Up That Hill” below. Stream ‘Stranger Things 4’ on Netflix here. 

Image Credit: ZIK Images/United Archives via Getty Images

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