Kehlani Shares Close Up Of Her Adorable Daughter Adeya Nomi

Kehlani is seemingly doing a fine job at being a new mom and is all kinds of obsessed with her adorable little cutie, Adeya Nomi and we can't blame her. From picnics in the park to studio hangs, Kehlani and Adeya are inseparable and the "Honey" singer has shared yet another special moment had with Adeya, that looks to be bath time. 

Kehlani shared an image to Instagram that sees Adeya posted up in a little bath chair with her hair shaped into three little curls that look like perfect waves. "The.. the... the... the.... the GRINCH! 😂," Kehlani captioned the picture. 

"Listen to her heart. Be gentle with herself because she is going to make mistakes. Be fearless, but even if she does get completely engulfed in fear at times, it does not in any way make her weak," Kehlani previously stated when explaining the advice she plans on passing down to her daughter.

"She will grow up knowing compassion is a gift. I will remind her that she is whatever she wants to be, and that sometimes that changes. I have a feeling she will be giving me a lot of advice when she is 23. She will be better than me in any and every aspect. I can’t wait to learn from her."

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