Kelis Scraps Plans To Move To Columbia With Nas’ Son, Opts For Temecula

The neverending custody battle between Nas and Kelis regarding their son now has a whole new update. A while back Nas accused Kelis of breaking their custody agreement when she took their son to Columbia on an impromptu trip and kept him there over Christmas and New Year's, a time that Nas was supposed to spend with him. 

The "I Can" rapper sued her for contempt but recently dropped the charges and now The Blast is reporting that Kelis has scrapped her plans to move to South America and instead, has opted to live in Temecula, a city just southeast of Los Angeles. When Kelis makes the move official, she has to update Nas in writing and they will both be equally responsible for transporting their son to meet to exchange guardianship. The publication details how a Starbucks in Anaheim is there designated drop off location.

Kelis Scraps Plans To Move To Columbia With Nas' Son, Opts For Temecula
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

A while back Kelis detailed how Nas physically abused her and how she had bruises all over her body from the rapper. Nas responded to the allegations, denying them in full, admitting that while he wasn't always faithful, he didn't abuse her. “This is what your life has come to sis? Exploiting some people’s Real struggle and pain…just to get at me….to get attention ? Fame? Another fight against men?" he wrote

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