Kendall Jenner & Ben Simmons Hit The Pool For A Chilled Out Date

The Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons dating rumours are ongoing since the two continue to have solo dates and hang sessions. The last we heard the couple was that they were reportedly moving in together and checking out a $55K a month Beverly Hills home. The home was said to be in a secluded area, but there have been no signs an ficial move in for the two. 

It's clear they do really enjoy Beverly Hills since they were spotted at the Waldorf Astoria yesterday having a romantic pool day. Sources tell Entertainment Tonight that they were getting super close and sipping margaritas. “Kendall and Ben were getting cozy in the hot tub,” a source said. “They snuggled up and looked happy together!” Check out the photos here. 

Back in May Kendall talked about people thinking she was gay because she never was seen dating any guys."I think it’s because I’m not like all my other sisters, who are like, "Here’s me and my boyfriend!" So it was a thing for a minute because no one ever saw me with a guy," she said. "I would always go that extra mile to be low-key with guys, sneaking around all the time. You don’t want to, like, look crazy."

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