Kevin Gates Fondles His Wife’s Breasts In An Uber While Turning Up To New Single

Earlier today, Kevin Gates announced that he's hitting the road for one of the first times since getting out of prison last year. 2018 saw the rapper sporadically performing at festivals and booking shows every now and then but in support of his upcoming album I'm Him, the Baton Rouge personality is going on a major headline tour. Gates remains one of the boldest artists in the game right now, bringing his street-savviness to the table with each new release. You know what you're getting when he drops a new song. He is authentically raunchy, menacing and detailed in his metaphors, often using wordplay to get his point across. He's also a family man though and when he was riding in an Uber with his wife, he couldn't help himself, grabbing a handful of Dreka's breasts as they listened to his newest song.

Dreka and Kevin have a loving relationship and they're both obviously insanely attracted to one another. After raising their kids for years, there is still a lot of sexual chemistry between them and they're unafraid to bring that vibe to the car... even if they're riding Uber. Gates posted a video of himself in the backseat of the whip with his lady in tow, jamming out to his latest single "Facts." He got a little ahead of himself though, reaching on the inside of Dreka's shirt and sensually messing around with her. Flipping the camera to show the passenger in the front, Kevin clearly did not give a fuck about who saw him and his wife.

Listen to Gates' new song below, check out his tour dates here, and keep an eye out for his release date.

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