Kevin Gates Previews New Music On Instagram

Despite his recent release from prison, Kevin Gates has been cooped up in Illinois at the request the state’s Department Corrections as he’s been placed under strict travel restrictions that forced the rapper to cancel several highly-anticipated show dates.

“The Illinois Department Corrections has prevented Kevin from leaving the state Illinois,” his wife Dreka stated in a PSA sorts in regard to her husband’s whereabouts. “He isn’t even allowed to come home to California where we live. Since he was released in January, he has not been able to come home not one time.”

Nonetheless, Gates has managed to turn lemons into lemonade, taking the opportunity to get to work in the studio, and Sunday evening he decided to bless fans with a few previews what he’s been cooking up in the meantime. In a series four posts on his Instagram page, Kevin delivered on three new tracks that we’re hoping to hear very soon.

In the first, captioned “I done changed lanes,” he’s heard rapping “I ain’t miss a beat/Praise to Allah/Made it out the clink/ Alhamdulillah, praise be to God/Big booty freak/ Givin’ her massage/Lookin’ in the mirror, I’m looking at a star/ She get on her knees and look up at a star.”

In the next clip captioned, “Pretend,” we hear him as he lets f the hook on a Go Grizzly-produced track: “D-ck so good make a b-tch start stalking it/Pussy, I juuged, now she won’t stop callin’ me.” The video that follows is an extension the same track as he delivers on a verse that accompanies the hook. The fourth and final video snippets comes through in the form a Yung Lan-produced cut where he unleashes a barrage bars that include, “So focused, I ain’t checking a comment/Want smoke, go relocate your momma.”

Each new clip was attached to a tag reading “#imhim.” We’ve seen “I’m Him” before as the title to the NBA Youngboy-assisted cut the same name, and the tagline on his ficial website. He’s been shopping the hashtag around for a while now since his release and most people have already chalked it up to be the tentative name his forthcoming album. Naturally, only time will tell. But, satiate your curiosity with the posts down below.


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