Kevin Gates Previews Three More Songs On His Instagram

Kevin Gates has truly been on a tear since he was released from prison back in January. Yesterday, he previewed three new tracks f, what is assumed to be, his new album, which could potentially be titled, I'm Him

Well, Gates wasn't finished yet, as he's taken to Instagram yet again to drop another four previews for his new songs with his fans. 

The first, "On The Regular," is a post-prison flex anthem, heading right from the cells to the kitchen in order to get his weight up. Lyrics about diamond chains and eating "finger lickin' good" pussy follow. He continues the song in a second video, which then takes on a much more sober look at the consequences his prison sentence. The song will be produced by Patrick Carmelo. 

The second, "Return the Mack," is a heart break song about a girl who Gates puts on, only for her to pull away and betray him. The song unlikely to be about his actual wife, Drexa Gates, who also happens to be his manager. The song will be produced by DJ Chose and P Crisco.

Lastly, Gates previews a song that has yet to be named. The song finds gates placing himself at the top the pack, hustling harder and smarter than the competition. The song will be produced by Go Grizzly. 

While it seemed like we would be waiting a while to hear new music from Gates, hopefully these previews actually lead to an upcoming project in the near future. 

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