Kevin Gates Reunites With Wife & Kids In Touching Video

Following his release from jail in January, Kevin Gates was curiously quiet and his fans were confused as to the reasons why. He was set to return to the stage last weekend for the JMBLYA festival but that appearance and his upcoming Rolling Loud set were canceled. Gates' wife Dreka explained that Kevin was being restricted in terms his travel as he was not permitted to leave the state Illinois. She had specified that he could not even return home to California and, from the looks it, the travel restrictions have either been lifted or the Illinois Department Corrections is being more lenient with the rapper.

Kevin posted a touching video to his Instagram page earlier, following up on his #ChainedToTheCity photos from yesterday. In the clip, Gates seemingly reunites with his children Islah Koren and Khaza Kamil, as well as his wife Dreka over a meal at the family's dinner table. In the caption, the "2 Phones" singer notes that he has missed four birthdays and two graduations while he was locked up and he is now making the most any time missed out. Asking each his kids their respective ages, the children look excited to be reunited with their father and Kevin also could not look any happier.

Since it appears like he's finally been able to make it out Illinois, do you think Gates will get back to performing anytime soon? He continues to tease his upcoming project I'm Him and we will look out for any updates on the work.

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