Kevin Hart Helped His Extortionist Friend Get Acting Roles

After it was revealed that Kevin Hart's friend and alleged extortionist J.T. Jackson almost destroyed Kevin's career by attempting to blackmail him over the release a secret sex tape, we've discovered more and more about their relationship.

According to TMZ, on several occasions, Kevin would walk on sets with Jackson and insist that he be given an acting role. One specific example was a Coke Zero ad promoting Kevin's stand-up special. In the ad, J.T. is seen playing Kevin's friend who asks him if he wants anything from the snack counter at the movie theater. According to sources, J.T. wasn't supposed to play that role, but Kevin insisted, so J.T. ended up replacing the actor who was supposed to play that role. 

Apparently, Kevin has done this on at least three different projects as well, where he insisted that J.T. be given prominent speaking roles. Not a bad plug to have if you're an aspiring actor, though, based on that Coke Zero commercial, J.T. isn't exactly oozing with charisma. 

Kevin helping his friend out makes J.T.'s alleged betrayal and extortion attempt all the more shocking. While a video  Kevin leaving J.T. at a nightclub for talking to paparazzi too long did surface, it seems that Kevin was good enough friends with J.T. to be willing to help him out multiple times. 

Maybe J.T. wasn't satisfied with Coke Zero money, and instead wanted to go for one big payday at his friend's expense. You can watch the commercial the two them together below. 

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