Kevin Hart Joins The Los Angeles Rams Training Camp In Hilarious Short

Every time you turn around, there's a new Kevin Hart movie or comedy tour circulating. As if he doesn't hustle hard enough, Hart also has time to release new episodes his YouTube series What the Fit. Hart was joined by his friend and actor Scott Eastwood last year for one day the Los Angeles Rams' training camp, and course, they made their presence felt. 

After being introduced by head coach Sean McVay, Hart heads to the front the room and gives the team a lecture on "execution." After making a few on the spot jokes about the team, Hart and Eastwood headed to the locker rooms to gear up. Hart gets into a debate with another teammate, and reminds him, "Brother, I got my own sneaker. You got your own sneaker? Last I checked, you don't. Respect me bruh." Then, Tavon Austin confronts Hart for wearing the same number, number one, and a battle for the top spot hilariously ensues. The comedian continues to do what he does best, and eventually gets onto the field to run drills.  

Hart looks minuscule next to the pressional football players, but he keeps up with the workout.  At one point, he races with Eastwood and defeats him, hitting a top speed 20 miles per hour. Check out the hysterical episode below. 

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